– Activate Quickly in 6 Steps

You need 8 digit code or 9 digit code to activate your YouTube device for following devices such as smart tv, Apple TV, Roku TV, Playstation, Xbox, Switch and other streaming media players. When you you go to YouTube App on any device, you have code to enter on

How to Link YouTube account from

You want to have your YouTube account linked to device easily?

So, stay until the end and I’ll do my best,to that you succeed with this tutorial.

Open youtube on your device I take smart tv for example but its the same way here Click on sign in here When you click on sign in, you automatically get the code!

Sometime, we browse YouTube without an account, so how to obtain the code? There are some icons on the left, and you must press the 5th button, an icon with a person into it, you see? Okey, in this case, click on it, next press Sign In button and as I said before, you automatically get the code when you pressed the sign in button!

You can have a code with 8 digits or 9 digits, it doesn’t matter because it work the same way when you enter the specific code on Keep in mind code, not mine but yours. Go to directly in address bar or search in and click on first result Enter your code.

For me it’s this code, click on next, Sign in with your google account you want to link on your device Write your mail address if you aren’t already connected, click on next to enter your password. Write it here as you can see. Click on next again. Select your youtube channel.

Once you have clicked on your choice, Click on Allow Button. Don’t be afraid by the needed permissions, it’s only to link your youtube account to your device. Done? Yeah Let’s check it out… It look okey for me, and for you? Tell it in comment, and subscribe to my YouTube channel by press the subscribe button. Enjoy!

How to activate YouTube on Apple TV through

  1. Navigate to sign in and settings on the YouTube app.
  2. User will be able to see an 8-digit code or 9-digit code on the screen after this. Note down the code for later use.
  3. Open on your Mac, PC or a mobile device for activating YouTube.
  4. Provide the Google account credentials to proceed with the system..
  5. Enter YouTube activation code that you see in the Apple TV login interface.
  6. Click on Allow Access to allow the sign-in process.
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  1. bonjours je veux mettre youtube sur ma television il me disse de s sabonner j ai une tele inteligent alors je veux pourvoir regarder les films que je peut pas voir alors je m ecrit aider moi si ses pas corect ses la premiere fois que je fais sa je ne comprend pas ses quoi je doit faire merci a vous de me comprendre

  2. Realmente no entiendo que debo hacer,ni los pasos a seguir. En lo que a mi respecta, estoy sin poder relacionar mi smart a, por ningún motivo. Siendo totalmente honesto no tengo la menor idea cómo proceder.

  3. What is wrong with my YouTube feed? I keep getting error codes that say ” app is too large, cannot open” , my videos freeze up constantly. I’m very frustrated. I watch all the time. Please fix it .

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